At Newline Kitchen & Bath, our team of experts provides countertop renovation and installation services. Whether you are looking for a new countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, we have the experience to help.


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Newline Kitchen & Bath: Countertop Renovation and Installation Services

If you are interested in renovating your countertop, come find Us! Replacing your countertops is a crucial decision as you are installing permanent surfaces that will be used every day. Countertop choices for your new kitchen or bath remodel are as varied as they can be. Do you want a brand-new design, or do you have to stick with an existing style? Our designers can offer options for any budget and a wide range of styles from there.

Transform Your Countertop Space with Our Experienced Remodeling Experts

We take pride in our work, and believe that a remodeling project should be an exciting experience for you. Countertops are one of the most important aspects of your kitchen & bathroom remodeling project. Countertop services offer granite countertops, quartz countertops, marble countertops, slabstone countertops, and more! Our experienced team will help you find the perfect material for your new kitchen space. Newline Kitchen & Bath is well-known throughout the industry as a trustworthy company with top quality products. We have helped thousands of homeowners transform their kitchens into modern spaces without any worry or hassle on their part!

Newline Kitchen & Bath provides the best countertops with attention to detail. With our professional kitchen remodelers, we can assure you of your satisfaction throughout the entire process — from design through installation. Our expert kitchen designers will help you find the perfect countertop for your remodeling needs. Embellish your kitchen & bathroom renovation project with one of our countertop options. Our professional team doesn’t just make your countertop space look beautiful; they also provide services that are more functional to you. Let our professionals take care of all your needs.


Design is what makes the difference between an ordinary kitchen and bathroom, and one that stands out with its luxurious style. We know how to bring your ideas to life, creating functional spaces with a touch of luxury that you will love for years to come!


Finalizing is all about making your vision complete, while finishing it means bringing it to life. We believe that every project deserves this final touch, which is why we are here for you at New Line Kitchen & Bath.


We want to make installation as easy and stress-free as possible for you so that we can create amazing kitchens and baths in a timely manner. In this process we will help you through the steps necessary to have a successful installation with our team. 


Unpacking after a remodel is always bittersweet. Take some time for yourself, enjoy this moment, and savor the satisfaction of having completed this project with love and care.

Finding the Perfect Design for Your Countertops


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