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Cambria: A Passionate Commitment to Sustainability

Cambria is a huge proponent of quartz, which they call a natural and precious resource. Cambria has a strong focus on sustainability. They incorporate eco-friendly practices into our products and work to make the community in which we live more sustainable as well. They have a strong environmental commitment, evident at every stage of the process from mining all the way to production and recycling. Cambria commits to sustainability by using only the finest quartz for its products. They are proud to use the highest quality and most environmentally sound materials, minimizing impacts on nature, people, and their customers. Cambria’s mining operations provide the highest quality quartz while minimizing damage to nature. 

Cambria Quartz: Sustainable Mindful Products

Cambria quartz is included in the library of mindful materials. The library educates the public about sustainability, which helps industry professionals make more informed purchasing decisions. Cambria quartz products are made from recycled materials that support a “green” lifestyle. Products made by Cambria contain post-consumer recycled content certified by SCS Global Services. Cambria is a U.S.-based company that is committed to the well-being of its customers, the team members, and the environment. Cambria was built with sustainability and environmentalism in mind, from products to practices.

Durable, Nonabsorbent, Easy to Maintain

Quartz countertops are durable and heat-resistant, they provide a natural shine that can improve the look of any kitchen. Quartz is a premium countertop option because it’s durable, nonabsorbent, and easy to maintain. The material is durable and stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about stains or scratches. Cambria offers a variety of colors and styles to be suitable for any customer. Cambria is a United States-based company. They produce furniture that will last forever and always stay clean, no matter what gets spilled on it. The company offers a range of countertops that are stain, chip, and scratch-resistant due to their quartz material. Cambria quartz products are well known for being durable and easy to maintain. They provide exceptional service. This includes product preparation, follow-ups, and more.

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